We should bribe Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19

We should bribe our way to herd immunity. In New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has the right idea. He is offering all sort of goodies to entice people to get vaccinated. There are plans in the works to give out free baseball tickets, free admission to soccer games, free admission to aquariums, and free metro cards. This is a great plan, and we should take it even further. We should role out similar incentives and freebies nationwide. And if you refuse to get vaccinated, we should limit your every move. No going to restaurants, no going to theaters or live events and no traveling on planes. And if you have been vaccinated all these items should be discounted or free. Basically, if you get or have been vaccinated your life should be one big party. And if you refuse you can hover in your room listening to old cassette tapes from the John Birch Society.

The rewards for the vaccinated should also include cash. The federal government should break out the big guns and announce that at the end of the summer everyone who has been vaccinated will get $1000. Most Americans are either one or a combination of the following list: Broke, in debt and worried about money. I think $1000 in cash would break the commitment that a portion of Americans have to their crazy anti-vaccine conspiracy theories.

Yes, sending most Americans a $1000 in cash would be a little expensive for the federal government but under both presidents Trump and Biden the federal government has already sent thousands of dollars out to each American over the last year and change. Another $1000 sent to most Americans would not make much of a difference to the national debt. And in this case sending out money will lead to more people getting vaccinated, which will lead to less people getting sick and going to the hospital. And this in real terms might save the government money. Giving people money to get vaccinated is already being done in West Virginia and Detroit with good results.

Besides freebies and cash, I would also suggest that the state governments get a little creative. Every state in America already has and runs a state lottery. Each state government should establish a weekly lottery reserved for those who have been vaccinated. And each week, each vaccinated person should get 5 free tickets to this lottery. Each week when this lottery gives out prizes it would create publicity and remind the unvaccinated what they are missing out on.

We are lucky to be living in a country that is producing enough vaccines. This country is nearing a 50% vaccination rate, which has already led to less sickness and death, let’s have the government break out the cash and finish the job.



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Joseph Adago

Joseph Adago

When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV....